Jack Berne, the 12 year old founder of 'A Fiver for a Farmer' has kicked off a new campaign to connect kids from the bush and city through writing letters, and Bramon is lucky enough to be working with him to help launch and manage his brilliant new idea Mail Mates.



Jack created A Fiver for A Farmer day asking Aussies to donate $5 to farmers to help them during this difficult time.  The intiative has been now running for 3 years and raised over $1.8 million


Jack's 2021 goal is to connect kids from the city & the bush with the power of hand written letters.  Making new friends, sharing stories and learning about someone else's life.


Writing letters can have more of an impact than you might expect.  Jack has a unique perspective on how this simple act can help Aussie farmers, rural & regional centres

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Bramon provides end-to-end commercial services and project management to get your next business location up and trading.  Utilising a unique approach that integrates multiple specialist disciplines, Bramon is able to build efficiency and transparency into the process of finding, constructing and launching your new site.  The Bramon model packages site identification, verification & leasing, design & construction, project management, and identifying, qualifying and onboarding new partners operate your new site into a single managed project.



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