Getting to the front of the queue

A cultural resurgence of men’s grooming and unprecedented shift in the way masculinity is being marketed is driving a strong upward trend in high-end barbershops.  Following strong growth trends in the UK and North America, our client engaged Bramon to prepare a rapid expansion strategy that incorporated:

  • Cutting edge modular design, able to be easily modified and deployed for fast builds on scale

  • Best in class ICT and POS hardware and centralised cloud software to manage both front-or-house and back-of-house operations in real-time

  • Scalable telecommunications agreement with amortised equipment re-payments

  • An end-to-end Partnership Identification and Onboarding process, documentation and support

  • Leasing, supplier and contractor negotiations

  • Site identification and verification for 18 new sites a (14 of which are under in negotiation at the time of writing)

  • Brand and marketing review, company story and company presentation assets, unified brand experience strategy, new specialist social media and website management

The client had complete access to all project documentation, communications, updates, and process flow in real time through the Bramon Client Intranet, providing 100% transparency.  Project specific sites and communications channels provided for efficient collaboration between the client, Bramon team and third parties, who were securely incorporated into the project at specific times.

The Key.  Scale

The goal was to achieve the rapid business expansion that would put the business in the best possible locations before the market became saturated allowing for a longer and more sustainable post expansion trade by reducing the opportunity for competitors.  Bramon focused the strategy on achieving scale by:

  1. Reducing barriers to entry - Partnership Model reduces upfront costs increases the pool of potential Partners allowing us to focus on cultural fit in Partner selection

  2. World class on-boarding - Efficient practices and exceptional communication that reduce replication to demystify and streamline legal and financial processes

  3. Forward leasing - Expert commercial leasing practices, desirable brand offering, quality systems and a strong company financial position allow us to secure the best sites in advance

  4. Rolling expansion plan - Forward Leasing allows us to plan the execution of each new site up to two-years in advance, optimising resources and reducing budgetary and time pressure risk

  5. Quality in systems and design - Cutting edge design, manufactured for fast installation and supported by a best in class retail operations suite with full support and unlimited expandability

  6. Expert project management - Centralised in-house coordination of the entire shop creation process from site investigation to day one trading

  7. Turn-key solutions - We deliver shops only in prime location with the best fittings, fixtures, technology and retail operations systems ready to trade from day one