We celebrate talented people.  We invest in talented people.  That is how we grow our business.  If you are interested in becoming a Partner in a Kingsmen Hair Barbershop, no matter what your background or position, please read on.


A Unique Partnership Proposition

Kingsmen Hair is a unique proposition.  Each of our barbershops is a Partnership between the company founder and a great operator who was looking for an opportunity to be more than a top performing employee.  We rely on identifying and developing talented and motivated operators who are ready to be more than than an employee.  We assist and guide candidates with the preparations required before considering entering a business partnership, we provide complete transparency throughout the application process, onboarding and then in day to day operations as a business partner.  We invest heavily in talent and we back our investment with the best sites in the best centres with cutting edge designed shops, equipment and support. 

We are a national brand and we are growing carefully and sustainably

We need talented and motivated people to joins us as Partners.  This is how we grow.  Our industry is on a steep ascent and we intend to occupy as many of the most commercially viable sites across Australia and the APAC region before the market reaches saturation.  This is how we secure our long term success.  Kingsmen Hair is not a franchise.  

We are looking for talented operators, not investors.
It is the passion and quality of our people that make us a success. This means we must attract the best people to work in our barbershops and we must keep them happy and motivated. We know from experience that this works best when the leader is respected by customers, staff and the community and has skin in the game.  We also know that in order to find the right people, we understand that we need to break the usual paradigm of business ownership, to give those with talent and drive the chance to get started in a business where they will thrive.

Our business model is unique.
We secure the best sites in high-performing retail centres.  We design and build cutting edge barbershops, and we fit them out with the best equipment and technology available.  We bring our partners into a brand new site that is ready to trade from day one, and we maintain a minimum 50% ownership in every new Kingsmen Hair barbershop.  We are hands-on and ensure our Partners have everything they require to run their business as the Managing Parnter.  Our Partnership expansion program provides our partners with the option to expand to other sites or to increase their ownership of their existing site (or both) over time.  

This means our success is your success, and your success is ours.

We pride ourselves on identifying and elevating talent.

Our business model lowers traditional barriers to entry for business ownership. We are very selective but offer our partnerships at terms to ensure we grow with people that are genuinely great at their craft and are as passionate about quality as we are.  If you have the talent and the desire, but need someone to give your a shot at being a business owner, let us know.  

Most of our Partners are former Kingsmen Hair Employees.

All of them are Barbers.

Business Partnership Prospectus

If this seems like the right fit for you, complete the Partnership Application Form below and we will send you a copy of the Business Partnership Prospectus.  There is no obligation on your behalf and we push or sell.  If you are the right person and you want to get into your own barbershop, make sure we find out. 

We hope to meet you soon.